A turbulent flight

Landing runway 29 at Biggin Hill

Landing runway 29 at Biggin Hill

This video demonstrates what it’s like to fly a light aircraft, in this case a Piper PA28, on a gusty, turbulent day.  It was sunny and clear, but the weather charts warned of moderate turbulence and a chance of gusts.

I took off from Biggin Hill aerodrome from runway 29 – I was given a clearance to leave the circuit right downwind, however after take off this clearance was changed, with a requirement that I turn left.  Thankfully, knowing Biggin Hill and its procedures well, this was no bother.

route log

The route flown

I crossed the Thames at the QE2 Bridge, and routed up via Harwich, Ipswich and Colchester.  The flight lasted about  1hr 30mins, and so this 2 minute edit probably makes it look worse than it was, however it does give you a good feel for what it’s like when it’s bumpy.  There is no danger on a day like this, however it does make it difficult when trying to measure tracks, or take position fixes on a map, because the moment you try, the wings are dropping and your head hits the roof of the plane.

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Gallery of images from my flight