Flight from Biggin Hill to Goodwood

Turning towards Goodwood

Jon takes his niece and her boyfriend on a day trip from Biggin Hill to Goodwood on the Sussex coast.  This video is part 1/3, as while at Goodwood, Jon took his friends who live nearby, for a flight along the coast to Eastbourne.

As the flight departed from runway 29 at Biggin Hill, a small flock of birds came into view and had to be avoided.

We routed north of Kenley gliding site, at which point we changed radio frequencies to Farnborough LARS west.  The flight tracked inbound to the OCK VOR, then southeast to Guildford, when a direct track to Goodwood, helped by the GWC VOR was flown.

The Route Flown

The Route Flown

A standard overhead join into runway 32 was made, although in spite of having written 1200ft circuit height on my kneepad, I mistakenly flew the routine 1000ft circuit.  It was a good landing, with the speeds perfect for touchdown.

Flight time 34 minutes, 56 nautical miles.