Trip to Newquay

20150609_103822On Monday 8th June, I flew to Newquay from my base at Biggin Hill airport in India Zulu.  The 240 mile trip is my furthest yet, and was most pleasurable.

I chose to fly via Guildford, Goodwood, Ryde, Christchurch, Swanage, Dorchester, Exmouth, Torquay, Plymouth, and Looe.

The Route Flown

skydemon still outbound














We departed from Biggin Hill’s runway 03, and steered west.  Leaving Goodwood, Solent Radar gave me clearance to enter controlled airspace (without asking) which meant I didn’t need to descend below 1900ft over the Isle of Wight.  The other side, we spoke to Bournemouth LARS, Plymouth Military, Exeter Radar, Yeovil Radar and finally onto Newquay.

The Landing at Newquay wasn’t pretty, as the crosswinds were near mine and the aircraft’s demonstrated limits.  To go-around/press on, that is the question.  I pressed on this time, and landed hard, but all under control.

Jon Hunt Landing at Newquay. Picture courtesy Stephen Rendle.

Jon Hunt Landing at Newquay. Picture courtesy Stephen Rendle.

Picture Gallery

We had a fab time in Newquay, even took a jet-ski north along the Cornish coastline.  Fantastic weather, fantastic company, fantastic beaches.

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Video highlights of the trip