Video: Light aircraft transit of Gatwick Class D Airspace

Gatwick Airport from 1800ft

Once again, I tackled a flight through Gatwick Class D controlled airspace in a PA28.  I took this route, as it was the most direct course from Biggin Hill where I’m based, to Shoreham where I intended to land.

After climbing out from Biggin Hill’s 03 runway, and turning left, I changed frequency to Gatwick Director and called for a zone transit.  I was given a squawk and Gatwick’s QNH and I continued to head towards the Buckland VRP.  With a few minutes to run to Buckland, Gatwick cleared me to enter their airspace, with a clearance limit of the North Terminal, and an altitude not above 2000ft.  I was given traffic information about an Airbus passenger jet on a 10 mile final to runway 08R.  Shortly before reaching the North Terminal I was handed over to Gatwick Tower who coordinated my crossing over the mid point of the runways at ‘best speed’ ahead of the airbus jet.  Gatwick Director later cleared me to leave the zone to the south.

Video: Transit of Gatwick Class D Airspace in a PA28