Video: Circuit trouble

Jon HuntIn this video, you see me struggle to integrate into the VFR circuit at Peterborough (Conington) aerodrome.  

I mostly fly from somewhat sterile controlled aerodromes with full ATC.  Biggin Hill being an example – my home airport.  Arriving at an uncontrolled airport, where each pilot makes decisions on how to slot into the circuit pattern, is certainly a different experience.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve visited many fields with just an air-to-ground radio operator.  I think the difference here was quite how busy it became just at the point I was joining.

As far as I can tell, no one was doing anything wrong here.  It was just the combined circumstances of my inability to see the joining traffic, and a sudden surge in arrivals.

The flight departs Biggin Hill, routes via Swanley, Upminster, BPK, Royston, & St Neots.  Good views of Tilbury Docks.

Video: Circuit Trouble