Video: Flying from Old Buckenham to Biggin Hill

Old Buckenham Return2After a short stop at Old Buckenham aerodrome in Norfolk, it was time to return India Zulu back to Biggin Hill.  This was a very straightforward flight, using radio navigation to guide me back home.

I’d chosen not to use this radio navigation route on my flight from Biggin Hill to Old Buckenham, because I wanted to avoid a fly-past of Battle of Britain aircraft that was routing through this track.  This had all passed through by the time I returned home, and so I tuned into the CLN, LAM, MAY and BIG VOR beacons to make the journey back very straight forward.

Old Buckenham Return5

The Biggin Hill controller offered me a left base join onto runway 21, which cut a couple from track miles of the arrival.  The current ‘normal’ arrival procedure is to join the circuit from the dead side, crossing the runway mid-point, then turning downwind.  The left base join is more direct, and is sometimes available if traffic conditions permit.

Thanks for your continued support, and stay tuned for the next video.

Video: PA28 flight from Old Buckenham to Biggin Hill