Video: Hard IMC. 1st flight in new aircraft

For my 1st flight in the new aircraft, G-BHOR, I practised flying in IMC, with an instrument approach to Lydd.

It was probably the hardest IFR flight I’ve conducted so far, with pretty much solid IMC for 1 hour and 40 minutes.  

Not long after taking off from Biggin Hill I was in cloud, and tracking east using GPS/VOR-DME.  10 miles east of Detling, I intercepted the 172 degree track to the Lydd NDB beacon, then took up the hold there at 3200ft.  After going around the hold once, I headed outbound to the 14dme arc, then intercepted the localiser, followed by the glideslope.

Here’s the Lydd procedure.

I was able to keep the needles centred, all the way down to minimums, making very small corrections to heading and rate of descent.  

After executing a missed approach, I set course back to Biggin Hill via Bewl Water.  Just south of Sevenoaks, I was breaking cloud at 2400ft, and so I cancelled IFR and made a visual approach back to runway 21 at Biggin Hill.

A very satisfying flight.

Video: Hard IFR & 1st flight in new aircraft