New video: Departing Biggin Hill IFR, arriving Lydd VFR

This was an extremely satisfying flight, due mainly to it’s simplicity and accuracy.  Biggin Hill was shrouded in low cloud, and so I departed the aerodrome IFR, soon climbing above the clouds.  I surfed the clouds for 20 minutes, before ducking down through a gap, to arrive at Lydd VFR.

I was picking up a friend and his son, to take them on a sight-seeing trip, so had the aeroplane to myself for this leg of the journey.  I routed out IFR through the Biggin Hill overhead, tracking 095 to Detling VOR, out for a further 10 miles, before intercepting the 172 track inbound to LZD NDB.  This would have taken me to ROMTI, the initial instrument approach fix for Lydd’s ILS 21 approach.  As I approached, it was obvious that Lydd was surrounded by visual meteorological conditions (VMC), and so I could break cloud, cancel IFR and join the circuit normally.

As it turned out, the rest of the adventure wasn’t so straightforward.  I loaded the aircraft with my passengers, had completed a passenger brief, and started the engine.  It was at this point I noticed that the ammeter was reading zero.  This could be indicative of an alternator failure.  I did some trouble shooting, which included hitting the ammeter with my knuckles, but this didn’t sort the problem.  I offloaded the passengers and wondered what to do.

The weather had been IMC for 80% of my outbound flight, but had improved considerably since departing Biggin Hill.  I looked at the METARS, and already had a good feel for the trend, and thought I had a chance of making it back to Biggin Hill in VMC.  My backups were Headcorn, or Lydd.  I then had to consider the possibility that if I did set off, the battery wouldn’t last the journey.  I would soon find myself without radios, a turn coordinator and the electric fuel pump.  

I re-started Oscar Romeo, at which point the ammeter decided to flick into life.  Lydd warned Biggin Hill that I was having issues, and I set off.  Soon after take off the ammeter fell to zero again!

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Video: Biggin Hill to Lydd, IFR to VFR