Video: Windshear on short-final

After an ILS approach to Biggin Hill’s runway 21, I encountered challenging wind shear on short-final.  Watch how I handled it.

This return flight from Leicester departed VFR, but I soon climbed above the cloud layer to continue the journey IFR.  This was because, while the weather was great at Leicester, as I headed south towards London, low cloud thickened.  I wasn’t able to get a controlled airspace transit of the Luton class D on the way back, as they had too many arrivals.  I therefore had to route around the CTR by making use of the VOR beacons BKY BPK and BNN.

You can view the GPS track from this route here.

Thames/Heathrow gave me radar vectors to Biggin Hill, and I broke through the cloud on the ILS, but on short final, I encountered significant wind shear.