15/06/18 New Europe episode available

Jon & Alastair LOL

Greetings, and thank you so much for all the lovely feedback on the first Europe video.  I’m pleased to say that Episode 2 is now available on YouTube.  Alastair and I had a blast on this trip, there were some tense moments, but some hilarious ones too.  In Episode 2 we laugh really hard over a misunderstanding about Alastair’s forthcoming holiday.

In this leg, the second of two that day, we fly from La Rochelle to Carpentras, and once again ATC were absolutely cracking.  We had to dodge a bit of weather in controlled airspace, but is was no bother for the French.

La Rochelle on the climb out

La Rochelle looked lovely from the air, and the approach into Carpentras was pretty as the sun was starting to come down.

Carpentras, South of France

The journey gets more exciting from this point onwards, as we start to face some serious weather challenges.  Episode 3 will be coming out in a couple of weeks time.

Episode 2

This week, I visited Aero Expo at Wycombe Air Park.  


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