13/07/18 Newsletter

I’ve been tremendously busy at work, but I have managed to edit and publish Episode 4 of the Croatian Adventure series this week.  This is now available for Early Bird subscribers, and it comes out on YouTube on Friday 20 July.  Paying subscribers also get to see some bonus material from this flight – an unedited version of my approach and landing at Rimini.  The controller did an amazing job of sequencing us all perfectly.

Episode 4 took about 3 days to edit, which is pretty typical for this series, and I’ve been fitting that around a full-time job, and caring for my son.   I will take a short rest from editing, before starting work on Episode 5.  In that film, we finally arrive in Croatia.

I’ve just published a short video showing a blunder I made at Pisa after diverting there in May.  In that video, after landing safely following a diversion, I misunderstood a taxi instruction.  Watch that video now.

That’s all for now.  Fly safely my friends.