23/07/18 Newsletter


I hope my fellow aviators have been making the most of this great weather we’ve been having.  I’ve managed a couple of trips with the family, but haven’t done nearly enough flying.  Like most of us, I too have to ration my hobby because of its cost.

I thought I would update you on what content is coming in the near future, and what plans I’m making for the weeks ahead.

We’re almost half-way through the European Adventure series and hopefully you’re enjoying the films of my  travel to Croatia in the PA28.  I think there’s enough difference between each of the episodes to keep the content original and appealing.  Believe me, there are plenty more challenges to come!  

Here is a list of forthcoming videos

1. Rimini, Italy to Pula, Croatia, crossing the Adriatic Sea.

(Estimated publication: 3/8/18 for early bird supporters, and 10/8/18 for general release.)

2. Our planned flight from Pula to Linz (Austria) is stymied by high mountains and cloud, resulting in a challenging diversion to Graz.

(Estimated publication: 17/8/18 for early bird subscribers, 24/8/18 for general release.)

3. We fly low level, along the Austrian GAFOR routes from Graz to Linz, making an overhead transit of Vienna airport.

4. Graz to Siegerland (Germany), avoiding multiple gliders en route.

5. Siegerland to Lydd, concluding with an RNAV approach to runway 03.

6. A banner towing sortie from Sandown, Isle of Wight, to a marriage proposal in the middle of the Solent.

7. Hard IMC practice.  RNAV 21 at Lydd.

8. I fly my son to Le Touquet for a day on the beach 

Films in pre production

  1. Possible flight to Oxford, then a demonstration in the Cirrus.
  2. A piece on airspace infringements with a fly-in to Old Warden.
  3. A family trip, possibly to the south of France.

So as you can see, there’s some great content on the way.  Thank you for your unending support, it’s really appreciated.  We have a family holiday coming up so if there’s a slightly longer gap between publications, please bear with me, I hope you understand.

Please spread the word about what I do, so more people can enjoy my adventures!

Fly safely my friends