My first flight after engine overhaul

After being grounded by a knackered engine for 4 months, Oscar Romeo is back in the skies again and is a freshly overhauled machine . It was my turn to fly her, so I took my son up to North Wales for a couple of nights.

The engine performed brilliantly, although it was difficult to start. We’ve ordered a replacement starter motor under warranty. That should be fitted in the next week or so. If you’re interested in our route, premium subscribers can see our flight track here.

The return leg was somewhat more interesting that the outbound trip, as we suffered a failure of the direction indicator, and my son got air sick in Oxfordshire. The video from this return flight will be available for general release on YouTube from Saturday 27 April. Early bird subscribers can watch it from Saturday 20 April.

I hope you enjoy the video. Fly safely my friends.