Taxi crash – aircraft damaged

Thanks to everyone for the interest in my minor mishap on Saturday at Sandown.  I now have had time to finish editing the video explaining what happened.  

On Saturday 29 May at Sandown, Oscar Romeo was involved in a taxi crash which has caused substantial damage. No one was hurt.

Yesterday, I shared news of the event with my Supporters’ Club members. It is their right to hear my news first as a benefit of their membership and a reward for their generous support of my YouTube channel. Without them, there would be no Flying Reporter.

There was no urgent safety need in my view, that justified making details of the incident public ahead of schedule, in fact, there was no requirement for me to make it public act all. But some very vocal long-time opponents of my channel have used the incident and my decision to prioritise my Supporters’ Club members, as an opportunity to whip up a storm of criticism on social media – Twitter in particular.

This has meant that I have spent my bank holiday Monday producing this video rather than enjoying the sunshine. Apparently I was a threat to flight safety by not releasing this publicly sooner. Do judge for yourself.

So earlier than planned, here is my video report of the taxi incident at Sandown.