Fly-in postponed

With regret, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the YouTubers’ Fly-in event that was due to take place on Sunday 15 August at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green aerodrome. 

The decision follows consultation with South Staffordshire District Council and the aerodrome in the context of a rapid rise in Coronavirus cases in the UK.

While I know this will be disappointing news for those of you who have booked to attend the fly-in, it is important to us that we do nothing that puts others at risk.  

Additionally, aerodromes are run on a small number of staff and we are mindful that an influx of several hundred people increases the risk of them being pinged and made to isolate, which would threaten their vital operations.

The aerodrome and ourselves are committed to running the event at another time in the future and we very much hope we’ll be able to see you in person soon.

Some of you made generous donations to the Midlands Air Ambulance during the booking process and a total of £426 was raised.  This will be passed onto them in due course.