Game art 1 of 3

‘Bertie’ here.  Here is the first in a series of drawings and paintings that I’m uploading to dad’s website.

This is concept art for a computer game idea I’m creating.   I’ve recently taken a great interest in how the art for computer games is created.

This drawing is the concept for what would be the level select area for the world map for the game.  We see a gatehouse where you would go to choose your destination in the game, a red squid wearing headphones who would give you hints at various points within the game.  Other features include a periscope which would reveal a submarine at the very, very end of the game.  A castle which would contain many different areas of game-play.  We also see suggestions of further islands that could be explored from the gate house.

This is the first of three drawings in this series.  There will be one extra on the left and right of this picture, the right showing more islands and the left a shopping area.

Let me know what you think of the design.


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  1. Steve Balstone | 26th October 2021 at 5:22 pm | Reply

    Bertie. That is a fabulous detailed drawing. Very clear and I can see the care you’ve taken over your artwork. Well done. Can I ask how old you are.?

  2. Very well done Bertie, creative and well thought out.
    Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Great stuff Bertie,
    I love the texture accents for the different surfaces.
    Look forward to seeing how your idea develops!

  4. Well done Bertie, there are courses at Dundee University for Computer game design, maybe one day you might do a course like this. You are very talented. Hope to see you soon. Richard, Noel & Ben

  5. Absolutely outstanding work – it’s clear to see how much effort you’ve put into creating this piece and I can only imagine how much time it took. I love the details about how the map would work in-game, a sneaky submarine and a stylish squid (what sort of music does he or she listen to I wonder?). Very excited to see the second and third pieces in this series. Keep going Bertie 🙂

  6. WTG Bertie! I’m an old bloke who isn’t into computer games, but I’d put this on the wall in my house: I love the creativity and colour!

  7. Hi Bertie! Like James I’m not into computer games, but the precision, detail and use of colour in your drawing is exceptional! – very much looking forward to seeing the next one(s)!

  8. Fantastic work Bertie – I’m no computer gamer, but the artwork is amazing … really impressive! Keep up the terrific work!

  9. Really, really impressive! You should be very proud of yourself. Great use of colour, really effective. Looking forward to seeing the others!

  10. Hi my name is Rudy and I’m 11 and I thought that this drawing was very creative and happy because it seems like something from a book and it’s a nice little world I would happily live in

  11. How awesome would this game be if it looks anything like this! Congrats Bertie! Love it.

  12. Hi Bertie. I have Roku HDMI channel selected on my TV in readiness for your dad’s video, with all the colour images they provide whilst waiting for the cue. I have to say yours is more interesting! I look forward to the next pictures.

  13. Keep up the good work Bertie! Looks really good well done, and good luck with the computer game, sounds a great idea! Stu

  14. Bertie, this is great, and there were three things which made me think so: 1) the little curls at the corners of the red building – architecture. 2) the way the speed of the water changes under the portcullis where it’s narrower, that’s cool. 3) the way that your planks on the wooden jetty show how old it is. These are the bits of detail that make the story come alive. Looking forward to more, far more interesting than Dad’s videos.

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