This isn’t good news

When your maintenance team tell you that they’ve started pulling cylinders off your aeroplane engine, you know you’re in for bad news!

India Victor went over to Aero Anglia for its 100 hour check this week.  Despite the aeroplane appearing to run better than ever, the routine check revealed a worrying problem with the engine.  

This video follows the start of the investigation.  Supporters’ Club members will receive timely updates in the coming days and weeks.   Sign up now here.   Your support is appreciated as this is not going to be a cheap problem to overcome!

I’m grateful for the vigilance of the engineers at Aero Anglia for picking up on this problem at an early stage, but It looks like the aeroplane will be grounded for a few weeks.  Do not fear, I have months and months of content available to publish, so the vids will keep coming!