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The Flying Reporter is the best-known private pilot YouTube channel in the UK.  I have more than 33,000 subscribers and my videos are watched more than 800,000 times each year.  I launched the ‘Aerodrome Review’ feature because I wanted to inspire pilots to travel further, visit new places and use their pilots licences to their full effect.  Too many private pilots visit the same places week after week which increases the risk of them getting bored and giving up this wonderful hobby.


When my Aerodrome Review feature launched in January 2023, it exceeded my expectations.  The videos were some of the most-watched on my channel and the response from viewers was extremely positive.  If you’re an aerodrome owner/manager and are interested in featuring in a Flying Reporter Aerodrome review, this page should answer all your questions. 

Why should I consider featuring in the Aerodrome Review series?

The Aerodrome Reviews are designed to encourage pilots to visit new places and to provide them with useful information to make their arrival safe and hassle-free.  For aerodromes and associated businesses this means;


"The biggest benefit of having The Flying Reporter come and make an Aerodrome Review video at Manchester Barton Aerodrome has to be the publicity. Within three weeks of the video going live, it had been viewed almost 10,000 times.

Because we're still in winter and the weather has been very unsettled, we haven't been able to directly measure if the publicity has had an impact on traffic, but judging by the YouTube comments, there are dozens of people pledging to visit Barton either as a first-timer or returning after a break.

Some pilots find the location of Barton a worry, because of its proximity to the Manchester CTR and the rules governing the low level route. Jon's video demonstrated a transit of the low level route and was a really good example of how to arrive at Barton safely. It covered the key threats and errors and should massively improve the experience for visiting pilots."

Liam Chadbond
Manager, Manchester Barton Aerodrome
"Since the video was published we have seen an increase in traffic and had a very busy month. We haven't asked people why they visited, but some told us that they'd specifically come having seen the review on The Flying Reporter channel.

It has been particularly nice to see visitors from further afield, including from the South of England, who thanks to the video have realised that we're not all that far away. The video comments are very encouraging and our flying club members have been very positive about the video and are pleased to see Sleap being championed on such a prominent YouTube channel."
Bruce Buglass
Manager, Sleap Aerodrome

How much does it cost?

I ask for a contribution towards the cost of making the Aerodrome Review.  The charges are based on total annual airfield movements.  Discounts are available for aerodromes that sign up to the aEROPS payment system with me.  aEROPS is a cost-effective payment system that streamlines the payments of your airfield fees.  Ask me for a demonstration or read more here.

Number of annual movements
Price if you sign up to aEROPS

What's involved?

If you’ve decided to go ahead with the review, then here are the next steps.


Step 1 – Research

We’d arrange to have a video conference call lasting around 45 minutes where we’ll  go through your aerodrome’s history, facilities, services, gotchas, particular procedures that differ from the norm and to find out what the local area has to offer.

Following this meeting I will give you a wish-list of things I’d like to film and I’ll and ask you to make those arrangements.  For example, you may need to liaise with businesses based on site, such as flying schools, museums etc.  It’s important to have an operational member of staff on hand during our conference call to discuss aerodrome procedures, ATS, and information that pilots need to know.


Step 2 – Writing the filming script

A filming script is a rough skeleton structure of the video.  It helps to know this in advance of the shoot, to plan how the video content will be presented and ordered, so that it ‘flows’ naturally.  I will script pieces to camera based on the information we’ve discussed during the research call.  I don’t share the filming script with you – it’s a working document to help me structure the filming day efficiently.


3. The filming day

I usually fly in if I can, either on the day of the shoot or the day before.  Typically, I film my arrival using cockpit cameras. 

It will take about 4-6 hours to complete the filming on location and I usually ask that you’re available to show me around and introduce me to the various people and businesses we’re featuring.  I  don’t need to be supervised unless you require that, I just need a bit of help with finding places and getting around.  Part of the filming often involves an interview or interviews with an aerodrome representative or other people of note.


4. Editing

This can take 1-2 days and  I aim to release 2 aerodrome reviews a month.   I should be able to tell you roughly when your review is being published.


5. Do I get to see the video before it is published?

I always share a preview of the video with you in advance, so you can check for any inaccuracies and make any comments.


6. Payment

When I know we’re both happy with the video, I will invoice you for the payment of the fee.

Let's talk?

I’ll be delighted to answer any questions that remain and look forward to speaking to you about visiting your aerodrome soon.