Pay your landing fee without leaving the cockpit!

Aerops is the new, fast and efficient way to pay your airport fees and charges.  Download the app to your phone or tablet, set up an account and process your landing/handling/fuel fees in seconds.  

There are no additional charges to pilots for making payments through the app and it’s perfect in these Covid-19 times too, as it limits the interaction between pilots, passengers and airport staff.

Aerodrome operators

If you’re an aerodrome operator, interested in offering Aerops as a payment method at your site, please contact me.


Aerops can integrate with existing airport systems and accounting processes.  It also offers a PPR module that you can embed on your website and you can manage requests from your Aerops dashboard.


In the very near future, pilots will be able to make their PPR requests from within the app too.


Please get in touch and I will be happy to show you how Aerops works and how it can save you time and money.