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Game art 1 of 3

‘Bertie’ here.  Here is the first in a series of drawings and paintings that I’m uploading to dad’s website. This is concept art for a computer game idea I’m creating.   I’ve recently taken a great interest in how the art for computer games is created. This drawing is the concept for what would be the level select area for the world map for the game.  We see a gatehouse where you would go to choose your destination in the game, a red squid wearing headphones who would give you hints at various points within the game.  Other features include a periscope which would reveal a submarine at the very, very end of the game.  A castle which would contain many different areas of game-play.  We also see suggestions of further islands that could be explored from the gate house. This is the first of three drawings in this series.  There will be one extra on the left and right of this picture, the right showing more islands and the left a shopping area. Let me know what you think of the design. Bertie

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