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Hello, and a warm welcome to the Supporters’ Club home page.  If you’re new here, welcome and thank you for joining the club, whether on a free trial period, or on a paid subscription.


Notices and announcements

As time has gone on, the back catalogue has grown to the point where it had become quite difficult to navigate.  I’ve been working very hard to tidy things up and hopefully you’ll find it easier to track down what you’re interested in.  Web design is not my strong-point and making video content is my priority,  so the focus is on usability and practicality.  If you’re struggling to find what you’re looking for, please let me know.


Book your 1-1

Did you know that your Supporters’ Club membership entitles you to 1 1-1 call with me per year on Zoom?  Use this time to ask me advice, or get to know me better!

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