Flight Instruction Services

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Having qualified as a Class Rating Instructor, I can offer training for the revalidation of an SEP class rating by experience, training for those with lapsed SEP ratings (*) and the following differences instruction.

Instruction only prices

£35 per hour (brakes to brakes)

£150 per half day

£250 per full day

£35 per hour for ground-school, when extended briefings are required

I can assist newly qualified pilots who wish to build confidence on longer, more complex trips.  Cross-channel flights are also supported and I have part FCL 945 privileges meaning I can perform your bi-ennial ‘hour with an instructor’ and sign your license, revalidating your SEP rating so long as all conditions have been met.


Training in your own aircraft

I can provide training in your own aircraft, so long as I am familiar with its type and class and it is appropriately insured.  Travel charges may apply, contact me for details.


Training in India Victor from Redhill

For training in my Piper Arrow 3 Turbo, I charge an additional £150 per hour (dry), brakes to brakes.


Training in a Robin HR200 from Earls Colne, Essex.

I can also offer training in the Robin HR200 from Earls Colne airfield in Essex, via Anglian Flight Centres.  Please contact me for prices.


Ground briefings

For differences training, cross channel-checkouts and for support planning longer trips, the ground-school and briefings are charged at my hourly instructional rate.  As an example, to run through the all the theoretical aspects of differences training for the turbo, retractable under-carriage and variable-pitch propeller can take up to two hours.  It’s important than you understand all the systems fully, how to operate them and know how to deal with a failure of one of these systems.  I will always tell you how much time we need prior to booking.


In all cases, prices do not include landing, handling and parking fees, or hotels and additional travel where required.

(*) Training where SEP ratings expired more than 3 years ago will need to be conducted via an ATO.