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    Jon Hunt

      Hi and welcome to The Flying Reporter public Forum.

      I want this to be a safe place to share information, tips, news and to generate discussion. If you want to use this forum, I have a few basic requests. Please keep it safe, kind, legal and positive. Let’s not get into arguments. Remember, no question is silly. Not everyone is as good a pilot as you are!

      I really want this GA forum to be different from others out there, in that it remains respectful and kind. Please think before you post, and if you can’t be kind, please refrain from posting.


      In your account page, you have control over what your display name is. Please check this before posting, as I don’t want you to unwittingly display your email address.

      Check by accessing your account page using the link in the sidebar.

      Then click Forum Profile, and click edit, then chose your display name. If you don’t like any of the options, input a nickname, then choose that as your display name.

      I will be keeping an eye on the forum and will delete any content that is hateful, malicious, abusive or defamatory. With that in mind, please be cautious about naming people, companies, businesses or entities especially if your comment is disparaging as it could be deemed defamatory and then will be removed.

      Sorry for the lecture, but I’m all about positivity people!!

      Fly safely my friends.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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