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Behind the scenes at Southend Airport

In the final part of this series, I demonstrate the procedures and typical radiotelephony when operating from an aerodrome in controlled airspace in the UK.

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About Jon Hunt

Who is The Flying Reporter? Jon Hunt is private pilot and former BBC TV news reporter I started uploading flying videos on YouTube in 2014, as a way to share my travels and adventures with my friends and family.  There was no post-production, little thought and the videos were long and somewhat boring.  I had been watching YouTube pilots from the USA and Canada and while the content was great, I realised there was also a market for content tailored to a UK audience so I put my 30 year broadcasting experience to good use.  The Flying Reporter channel was launched in December 2015 My original vision for the channel was to combine my journalistic skill and my private pilot license to go on journeys exploring sights and places of note, as well as interviewing interesting people who would join me in the cockpit of my PA28 share-o-plane.   Until 2021 this was hard to achieve, because I was working as a BBC TV news reporter and parenting a lively adopted child.  My son is still going strong I’m pleased to say, but in May 2021 I left the BBC after 30 years.  This means I have more time to…

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Tailwheel lesson #2

I finally get signed off on my tailwheel conversion, after practising wheeler landings, forward slips, and tarmac touchdowns.