Answering viewer questions

You may have been directed here after sending me an email or message that I haven’t been able to respond to in detail.

It is just amazing to receive feedback (good and bad) and to be asked questions and queries about my videos or flying in general.  I read every comment, email, post or message I get and they come to me from many different directions.  I wish I could respond personally to every one, but unfortunately my time is limited.

I do try and answer most simple questions and messages where I can, but you might not get a fulsome answer –  excuse typos, poor spelling, grammar and expect maybe a very short note as opposed to a beautifully composed missive.  If you have a more complicated question or require theoretical knowledge instruction, or guidance on your flying training, I’m really sorry but I am unlikely to be able to assist, with one exception.

Should you have an active Supporters’ Club membership, I currently permit one, 1-1 Zoom/Facetime type call per year as part of your membership.  In such a 1-1 I’ll be happy to answer any query or question that you have.  The membership is low-cost, but it helps pay for time and costs invested in running the YouTube operation.  You can sign up here.

If I have referred you here, even though you have an active Supporters’ Club membership, then I have done so by mistake.  Please reply to me, to correct me and I will find a way to respond to your query – likely through a 1-1.

Forgive me if this is disappointing, but I do receive many dozens of detail queries from viewers every week and it is just not possible, or fair to expect me to provide a free consultancy or training service.  Clearly I wish I could help every one who writes in, but it would mean I’d get nothing else done.  I hope you understand.