Can I come on a flight with you?

I get quite a lot of requests from followers who would like to come on a flight with me.

If you have a current or lapsed SEP rating, I would be happy to fly with you as an instructor.  I am a class rating instructor, which means I can provide training towards the revalidation of a SEP rating (the biennial hour with an instructor), differences training, brush-up training or for building confidence on longer trips.  You can find my rates here.  You’ll see that I may be able to train you in your aircraft, you can fly in my PA28 Arrow from Redhill or I can offer training from Anglian Flight Centres at Earls Colne (subject to their rates/prices)

If you have a story to tell, then this might be another avenue to a flight with me.  It will only work if I can film a flight, interview you and provide interesting content for the YouTube channel or for a learning opportunity – for example, flying an advanced type.  Some examples of this can be found here;

WW2 Thames forts

Gatwick transit with a controller

The passenger who landed an aeroplane

I don’t generally offer to take people flying just for fun, unless they’re friends or friends of friends.

If you think you might eligible, then please get in touch here on my contact page.