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Why should you join and what are your options.

Why join the Supporters' Club

Join the Supporters’ Club, watch my episodes advert-free, get bonus deep-dive videos and book a 1-1 call with me.


And now, Supporters’ Club members benefit from up to a 20% discount on qualifying purchases at Pooley’s Flight Equipment.

How it works

The Flying Reporter Supporters’ Club is a subscription service.  Once you’ve signed up you will continue to pay the subscription fee every month until you cancel.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll immediately get full access to the  whole back catalogue of Supporters’ Club content.

You can cancel, pause or resume your membership at any time. 

Every time new bonus content is published, you’ll receive that directly into your email inbox.

The membership options

You have two main options.  You can choose to sign up here on my website if you’re based in the UK, OR if not, it would be better for you to sign up to the club using the Patreon platform. 

Patreon is an app and website service for creators and their supporters.  The benefit of Patreon for members outside of the UK is that it will charge you your subscription fee in a currency better suited to you.  My website can only handle payments in British Pounds.

You can view your Supporters’ Club content via the email link that will be sent to you, or directly on the Patreon app.

Pooley's Discount

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve teamed up with Pooley’s Flight Equipment to offer active Flying Reporter Supporters’ Club members enhanced discounts on qualifying purchases from Pooley’s Flight Equipment.  Click the link below to find out more.


The enhanced discount is available on subscriptions made through this website and Patreon.

Sign up through my website here

£4.99 per month

  • My episodes advert free
  • See my videos before public release (*)
  • Bonus content, deep dive videos
  • Book a 1-1 zoom with me

Terms and conditions

This is a rolling, monthly subscription that continues to be charged until you cancel.  


Memberships must be cancelled through your account page on my website.

Sign up through the Patreon platform

How Patreon works

Patreon works independently of this website.  You need to use the link to subscribe to The Flying Reporter as a ‘Patreon’.  Patreon will handle all the billing and ensure my content is delivered to you through their app and email notifications.  You can stop/start subscriptions any time.

Free newsletter

If you’re not ready to join as a paying Supporters’ Club member yet, then perhaps you would like to sign up to my newsletter.  


Newsletter subscribers receive pertinent news and notifications when every public episode is available to view.

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The newsletter is completely free and will be delivered directly to your inbox.

(*) There may be some occasions where it is not possible to roll out my videos early, owing to their time critical or topical content.  There are a small number of videos where due to music licensing, or other copyright rules, adverts will be placed by YouTube outside of my control. We reserve the right to add or remove membership benefits at any time.  You can amend or cancel your subscription by logging into the website.


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If you live outside the UK please sign up through Patreon, in a currency better suited to you or sign up below..