Beachy Head

Crossing Gatwick airspace with a controller on board

  Crossing one of the busiest sections of UK airspace in a light aircraft can appear a daunting prospect, but in practice it’s not as difficult as it might seem.  On this trip through London Gatwick’s Class D controlled airspace I had an expert in the cockpit with me –  an air traffic controller who works in the tower at the airport.

Video: Rejected take off

The Flying Reporter is forced to reject a take off in the PA28 at Biggin Hill Airport in gusty cross winds.

Trip along the Sussex coast

Jon Hunt takes his friends Michael and Andrew for a short trip along the coast from Goodwood Aerodrome, capturing great aerial views of Bognor, Shoreham Airport, Beachy Head and Brighton.

Flight around Kent, Sussex and Essex

  I took a long flight around Kent, Sussex and Essex this week, to help our flying group out after the new engine was fitted to the aircraft we use.