Video: How effective is my scan?

In this video, The Flying Reporter questions the effectiveness of his visual scanning technique, after two reasonably close encounters with other traffic on a short local flight.  A misjudgement of the approach at Lydd  also forces a go-around.

New video: Departing Biggin Hill IFR, arriving Lydd VFR

This was an extremely satisfying flight, due mainly to it’s simplicity and accuracy.  Biggin Hill was shrouded in low cloud, and so I departed the aerodrome IFR, soon climbing above the clouds.  I surfed the clouds for 20 minutes, before ducking down through a gap, to arrive at Lydd VFR.

Video: NDB tracking & holds

Non directional beacons (NDBs) are old-school navigational aids for pilots, but are still very much in use in the UK for instrument procedures and en-route navigation.  On this flight, I practise tracking to and from NDBs, and fly an instrument hold at Southend.

Video: ILS approach practice Lydd

The flying reporter gets stuck into some proper instrument flying practice on a flight from Biggin Hill to Lydd.  It’s only a short hop, but ends in an ILS (Instrument Landing System) approach.

Video: Simulated engine failure – PA28

I had been asked by some of my followers if I could film some private pilot practice manoeuvres, and so I took India Zulu down to Romney Marsh to do simulated engine failures, steep turns, a practice diversion and then a glide approach to land.

Video: Lydd to Biggin Hill in a PA28

  Jon Hunt takes the return trip from Lydd Airport to Biggin Hill in the PA28.  Climbing above a layer of few clouds as we pass over Hastings and Bexhill, before descending to see good aerial views of Tonbridge and Sevenoaks before landing.    

Video: PA28 flight Biggin Hill to Lydd

After a break of more than a month from flying, I took India Zulu for a short trip to Lydd.  The flight, being only 30 minutes was convenient, as it didn’t cost too much yet gave me the opportunity to land-away.  

East Kent bimble

I had a thoroughly brilliant flight today around Kent.  Routing Biggin Hill to Biggin Hill via Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone, Whitstable, Margate, Dover, Folkestone, Tenterden.  There were three of us on board, and we all enjoyed the clear blue skies and smooth air.