Newsletter 25/01/19

Happy new year! Things have been a little quiet on the flying front so far this year, partly due to the ongoing wait for Oscar Romeo’s engine overhaul, but also because of weather.

Newsletter 27/10/18

There’s some big news about Golf – Oscar Romeo coming soon, my early bird subscribers can read about that already. For others, all will be revealed on Friday 2 November.

31/08/18 Newsletter

As any parent will know, the school summer holidays can be a difficult balancing act.  My husband and I both work – myself full-time, my husband part-time, and obviously our son needs to be kept entertained during the long five week break.   Somehow, in spite of this I’ve managed to keep some video content coming through on the channel and even got a bit of flying in too.

23/07/18 Newsletter

Greetings I hope my fellow aviators have been making the most of this great weather we’ve been having.  I’ve managed a couple of trips with the family, but haven’t done nearly enough flying. 

13/07/18 Newsletter

I’ve been tremendously busy at work, but I have managed to edit and publish Episode 4 of the Croatian Adventure series this week. 

26/06/18 Newsletter

I’ve been banner flying and undertaking some instrument practise since I last wrote to you.  I’ve also been working when I can on the next episode of the European series. 

15/06/18 New Europe episode available

Greetings, and thank you so much for all the lovely feedback on the first Europe video.  I’m pleased to say that Episode 2 is now available on YouTube. 

26/05/18 What an adventure

Greetings! This time last week, I was fighting my way through the Alps at 10,000ft, trying to find a route from Slovenia to Austria.  Since then I have been thrown back into a six day run of reporting for the BBC, but everyday I’m reminded of my achievements last week in the skies of Europe.